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Super Hi-Fi – Dub To The Bone

Combine the vintage vibe of Jamaican trombone legend Don Drummond with the modern-day world grooves of the Matic Horns – infuse the whole works with some time-capsuled good smoke from the Black Ark – and you’ll come close to the sound of the debut album from NYC’s Super Hi-Fi, Dub To The Bone. The twin […]

David Hidalgo/Mato Nanji/Luther Dickinson – 3 Skulls And The Truth

It was a Jimi thang, born under a really so-bad-it’s-good sign. David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Mato Nanji (Indigenous), and Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) first crossed musical paths on the Experience Hendrix tour while paying six-string homage to the master. Sensing that there might be much more to mine from their musical union, the three […]

“A Wedding Ring or Two Rattling off the Frets” : John Bell on Widespread Panic’s Wood

Widespread Panic’s last act before taking a much-deserved break for much of 2012 was a run of all-acoustic shows this past February, spread over 11 stops in 4 cities (DC, Atlanta, Denver, and Aspen). The totally-unplugged setting presented challenges for the band, but they rose to them like true jam veterans – and the results […]

Guthrie Trapp – Pick Peace

To be honest, the last time Guthrie Trapp crossed my bow was four years ago, when he was touring with dobro master Jerry Douglas and they played the Strand Theater here in Rockland, ME. Douglas may have been the night’s star, but Trapp earned the crowd’s attention in his own way. Here’s an excerpt from […]

Alive At The Deep Blues Fest

Be forewarned, boys and girls: running your thumbnail through the plastic wrap and pulling Alive At The Deep Blues Fest out of the package is like opening a half-gallon of bourbon and throwing the cap out the window. You touch this album off and things are going to happen … Recorded at Bayport, Minnesota’s Deep […]

Black Roots – On The Ground

To trace the origins of UK reggae masters Black Roots, you’d have to go back to 1979, when the original eight members from the Bristol area first began making music together. Blame it on the times and the place: few of the British reggae artists of that period gained the attention they deserved outside of […]

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit Live From Alabama

Former Drive-By Trucker, my ass. I mean, sure: to put things in proper context, Jason Isbell was a Trucker from 2001 to 2007 – and played some great music during that period. But we’re creeping up on almost as many post-DBT years under Isbell’s belt as he spent in the Truckers. The man’s continued to […]

Mountain Girl And The Magic Trip : A Conversation With Carolyn Garcia

One of my favorite interviews I’ve done was my feature with Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia (wife of Jerry). The occasion was the release of the Magic Trip documentary, which put you aboard the “Further” bus with Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters back in 1964 as they made their cross-country voyage with the legendary […]

Neil Young – Waging Heavy Peace

Neil Young has beat the snot out of his faithful Les Paul “Old Black” in his own style for years now – purists can criticize his technique but they can’t deny the emotion and depth of his playing. And in the end, isn’t it how the music makes you feel that really matters? Young’s debut […]

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Psychedelic Pill

Well, there: here’s the album for all of those who complained that Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Americana was made up of covers when it was released back in June. (Of course, the songs were twisted and cranked by Young and company into shapes and forms of their own unique design, but you know how […]

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