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Bobby Whitlock: Domino, Solo, CoCo & Tellin’ The Truth

Bobby Whitlock and wife CoCo Carmel are riding a natural high – I can hear it in their voices when I call their Austin, TX home for our interview – and with good reason. This summer has seen two important releases added to their catalog; one a look back and the other a look ahead. […]

The Rides – Can’t Get Enough

Although The Rides’ frontline of Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Barry Goldberg is touted on the front cover of their debut Can’t Get Enough, drummer Chris “Whipper” Layton and bassist Kevin McCormick play no small role in the sound that truly makes this band deserve the “supergroup” tag. These five players are a wicked […]

Bob Dylan – Another Self Portrait (1969–1971)

When Bob Dylan released the original Self Portrait in 1970, it was looked upon as meatloaf by a public that was expecting steak. No – worse: it was treated like a weird loaf made of should-have-been-discarded leftovers, half-heartedly slammed together. Well, even that’s not completely accurate. Actually, a lot of folks just thought it was […]

The Smoking Flowers – 2 Guns

Razz me all you want about this being an album review and the fact that the backstory shouldn’t have anything to do with the music and all that – I don’t care. The ring-tailed facts of the matter are as follows: I’m a sucker for a good love story; I’m an admirer of folks with […]

Ol’ Waylon Lets It Fly

April of 1978 it was, a Maine spring after a horrid Maine winter – the kind where the “Police Beat” column in the local paper is full of bizarre acts of gunplay and cannibalism and the funeral parlor gets overbooked with the weak who couldn’t make the long climb up what the older folks call […]

On The Road To Spearfish with Crazy Horse’s Billy Talbot

No doubt the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Billy Talbot’s name is the legendary catalog of work he and his bandmates in Crazy Horse have created over the years with Neil Young. The studio collaborations between Young and the Horse began with 1969’s Everybody Knows This is Nowhere with the […]

Crushed Out – Want To Give

The Black Keys; The White Stripes; The Bonnevilles; Henry’s Funeral Shoe – just to name a few: blues-fueled guitar ‘n’ drums duos are this time around’s answer to the classic power trios of yesteryear. Brooklyn’s Crushed Out deserves a spot alongside the best of the best of ‘em: guitarist/vocalist Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller (drums […]

The Dirty Streets – Blades Of Grass

Oh, boy: here’s 11 tracks of sheer rockin’ blues happiness, boys and girls, wrapped in a late 60s/early 70s-vintage vibe and served up all fresh and steamy. The Memphis-based trio Dirty Streets powerdrive their way through a selection of tunes on their newly-released Blades Of Grass that resound with echoes of all sorts of blasts […]

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