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Hendrix Archivist John McDermott Talks Miami Pop And More

In June of 1967, Jimi Hendrix walked out on stage at the Monterey Pop Festival a relatively unknown guitar player in the US. By the time he left the stage, Hendrix’ Stratocaster was a smoldering mess of smashed parts – literally – and America was put on notice. By the following May, Hendrix, bassist Noel […]

Shonna Tucker: Eye Candy, A Tell All & Life On The Farm

Bassist/singer/songwriter Shonna Tucker has been busy in the two years since she parted ways with the Drive-By Truckers. There were the “Sweet Soul Cookin‘” videos she did for YouTube; there’s the farm she and guitarist John Neff have been tending a few miles outside of Athens, GA (with duties that include donkey midwifery); and, of […]

Calvin Keys – Electric Keys & Wide Hive Players – Turnstyle

Cool Bay Area indie label Wide Hive Records has cranked out over 30 albums since their formation in 1998, focused mainly on jazz and funk. For label founder/owner/producer/engineer/ and musician Gregory Howe (heck, he even shot the photos used for the covers of the albums we’re about to discuss), this has to represent some serious […]

Wooden Shjips – Back To Land

You can’t judge a book by its cover and all that, but – come on: one look at the jacket for Wooden Shjips’ new Back To Land album and you just know the lads have applied some psychedelicized lightness to their already mind-bending sound. Wild-ass shapes and colors peek out through a black-and-white Swiss-cheesed sleeve, […]

The Bottle Rockets – The Bottle Rockets & The Brooklyn Side – Deluxe Reissue

Twenty years? Twenty years? Yeah, twenty years. The Bottle Rockets have been doling out the crunchy twang; the twangy crunch; the tug-at-your-heart, kick-you-in-the-ass, and make-you-think sorta lyrics (the kind that undermined their best efforts to make you think they’re just a bunch of simple good ol’ boys) for twenty years now, believe it or not. […]

The New Riders’ Buddy Cage: A Sunshine Daydream Prequel

As cool as the newly-released Sunshine Daydream box set is – documenting the Grateful Dead’s sun-scorched, “Field Trip” benefit for the Kesey family-owned Springfield Creamery on August 27, 1972 – and as neat as it’s been lately to relive that historic day, there’s one fact that nobody’s mentioned much. Did you know that the New […]

Goose Creek Symphony – Live In Canada ’72 & ’74

There’s a moment during the version of “Talk About Goose Creek” on Live In Canada ’72 & ’74 when Goose Creek Symphony’s lead vocalist/acoustic guitarist Charlie Gearheart sings: “Drumsticks flyin’, the guitars ringin’/ Boys, we sure like pickin’ and singin’/ We don’t need a whole lotta help/ We can freak out by ourselves” – and […]

Greg “Stackhouse” Prevost – Mississippi Murderer

Seems to me that someone has been down to Rosedale with his rider by his side. Uh-huh. Bigtime. I’m here to tell you that since the Chesterfield Kings’ breakup after 2009’s Live Onstage … If You Want It frontman Greg Prevost has stood at the crossroads at midnight and shook Old Scratch’s hand – or […]

“Adrift” – Solo guitar piece at the 2013 Working Waterfront Festival

Every now and then I wander out unattended, guitar in hand, and without the blessed support of my brethren in the Horseshoe Crabs, Peter Jackson and Paul Sherman. (You can read more about those guys by clicking right HERE.) The song below is “Adrift” – first conceived during a jam at a Horseshoe Crab practice […]

Rhett Miller on the Old 97’s, Waylon Jennings, and the Holy Grail

Call it a multi-generational outlaw country summit; call it an historic moment in alt-country history; or maybe just call it a gift to us all. The story of the Old 97’s recording session with legend Waylon Jennings in a Nashville studio in 1996 reads something like an Americana fairy tale – with the accomplished legend […]

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