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Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fillmore Auditorium 11/5/66

Cleopatra Records’ latest archival release from the Quicksilver Messenger Service’s live vaults takes us back – waaaaaaaay back – to the band’s early days. QMS would’ve been just over a year old when they hit the stage of San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium on November 5, 1966 – and they sound as if they’re still discovering […]

Marc Ford: Fathers, Sons, Guitars, and Holy Ghost

Marc Ford doesn’t lug his resume around with him – he’d rather keep both hands free to carry guitars. Yeah, the list of folks he’s played with in the past is an impressive one (we’ll get into some of them as we go; you can always look them up), but that’s not what Marc Ford’s […]

Galadrielle Allman’s Song For Her Father: Please Be With Me

The career of legendary guitarist Duane Allman has been well-documented in words and music over the years – but what of the man himself? Sadly, we probably know more about October 29, 1971 – the date of his fatal motorcycle accident – than any other day in Duane Allman’s life. We know some of his […]

Jonny Two Bags – Salvation Town

You’d expect a solo album from Social Distortion guitarist Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham to have an edge – which Salvation Town does. But rather than being pumped full of Social Distortion’s raging punkbilly blues roar, Salvation Town is more like a collaboration between Nick Lowe and Keith Richards: think vintage Rockpile with a carton of […]

Dirtfoot – Coming Up For Air

There’s no way Dirtfoot’s fourth album – Coming Up For Air – could have been recorded in the daylight. Oh, don’t get me wrong: the Shreveport, LA-based band will make you grin and dance and hoot and holler throughout the album’s 13 tracks – but there’s always a wee bit of darkness handy. Or weirdness. […]

Wilko Johnson: Going Back Home with Roger Daltrey

The simple fact of the matter is Wilko Johnson isn’t supposed to be with us at this point – let alone playing slam-banging, foot-stomping rock ‘n’ roll with a new album that debuted at the number three spot on the U.K. album charts. But the 66-year-old Johnson has never done things quite like anyone else. […]

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