A “Salt Of The Earth” Evening: John McEuen, Stevie & Me

Here’s a quick clip from the “Salt Of The Earth Evening” held at the Collins Center for the Performing Arts in Orono, ME on September 22, 2010. The occasion was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Salt Of The Earth documentary featuring my brother Stevie, myself, and our father, Steve Robbins Sr. Thanks to filmmaker Randy Olson (“Doc Urchin” in my heart forever) the Collins Center was turned into a big ol’ living room for the night as the folks in attendance (as well as ourselves) got to watch the full-length version of Salt On The Earth on the big screen.

And then, as the credits rolled, well … I’ll let you watch the video clip. I will say this: ol’ Doc Urchin knows how to create a scene. (In a good way.) From left to right on stage, you’ll see 3-time Grammy winner/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founder/master-of-all-things-with-strings John McEuen, my one-and-only big brother Stevie making a full-size Martin look small, and me. And – again, with thanks to Randy – you’ll also get a little glimmer of what our father was like, as well. (Pa passed away in 1995 – making the movie all the more precious to our family.)

For more on Salt Of The Earth (and the Orono event) click right HERE, my friend.

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