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The Story of “Cole’s Law”, Steve Kimock, Tigger & Me

“She came for dinner, but we never got to that …” Pretty cool to be able to tell the whole world (well, the folks listening to Maine Public Radio, anyway) about how much you love your wife/best friend – and share a great piece of music, as well. I was invited to take part in […]

The Horseshoe Crabs: “Merry Christmas From The Family” > “I Ain’t Never Satisfied” (Live)

Now if this don’t get you in the holiday spirit, put a tear in your eye, and spill eggnog down the front of your sweater, there’s something seriously wrong with your soul. With apologies to the great Robert Earl Keen (and a side order of Steve Earle, to boot) here’s some raggedy-assed Horseshoe Crabness from […]

“Adrift” – Solo guitar piece at the 2013 Working Waterfront Festival

Every now and then I wander out unattended, guitar in hand, and without the blessed support of my brethren in the Horseshoe Crabs, Peter Jackson and Paul Sherman. (You can read more about those guys by clicking right HERE.) The song below is “Adrift” – first conceived during a jam at a Horseshoe Crab practice […]

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