David Hidalgo/Mato Nanji/Luther Dickinson – 3 Skulls And The Truth

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It was a Jimi thang, born under a really so-bad-it’s-good sign.

David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Mato Nanji (Indigenous), and Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) first crossed musical paths on the Experience Hendrix tour while paying six-string homage to the master. Sensing that there might be much more to mine from their musical union, the three went into the studio after their stint on the Experience tour, armed with a dozen original tunes and the rhythm machine of bassist Steve Evans and drummer Jeff Martin to back them up. The result is 3 Skulls And The Truth: a wicked mix of total picking porn for guitarheads and well-crafted blues rock that simply makes you want to move.

Fittingly, the Hendrix vibe is woven throughout the album: “Make It Right” features a driving “Dolly Dagger”-style riff powering the verses while “Cold As Hell” is a vapory Jimi drift with the three guitars tag-teaming. (Hidalgo’s vicious guitar squall segues into a through-the-funnel-backwards workout by Nanji which turns inside-out and becomes Dickinson playing searing 2-ton-bee-sting slide.) “I’m A Fool” is a neat blend of straight-up blues infused with some snaky Middle-Eastern-flavored guitar by Dickinson; and “Natural Comb” is six-minutes-plus of cosmic-Johnny-Cockaroo-Jimi-meets-Muddy-and-blows-the-roof-off-the-sky blues.

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