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Ruf Records

You can dwell on Devon Allman being the son of Gregg all you want; it really has nothing to do with the music on Devon’s new solo album Turquoise.

Does the son sound like his old man when he cranks on the bluesy growl? Sure – but that’s in his genes, folks … he can’t help it and doesn’t need to. The lad is a mean picker as well – and if his “Yadira’s Lullaby” (a solo performance on a 3-string cigar box guitar) is one of sweetest things you’ve heard since Uncle Duane’s “Little Martha”, well, so be it. The elder Allmans don’t have the market cornered on soulful and sweet … and Devon comes by it naturally without it sounding affected or forced. What would sound that way is if he tried to be something he wasn’t.

When a true soul man delivers, you feel like you’re listening in on someone else’s conversation. The masters sound like they’re singing to someone, rather than simply singing a tune … and Turquoise proves Devon Allman to be a master. Dig the smolder of “Time Machine” and “Strategy”: the latter features a snaky-assed guitar solo by guest Bobby Schneck Jr; the former some rumpled-bedsheets picking by Allman hisself. Vocal-wise, this is a natural place for Devon Allman. In short, he sounds believable.

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