Donna The Buffalo – Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

Sugar Hill records

Sugar Hill Records

Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday – Donna The Buffalo’s tenth studio album – is a fine example of a band continuing to evolve while maintaining a sound and vibe that they basically nailed from the very beginning. If you’re already familiar with Donna The Buffalo’s music, the only thing you need to know is Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday is business as usual, with multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Tara Nevins and guitarist/vocalist Jeb Puryear at the core – which is a good thing. And if you’re new to the fold (or, in this case, The Herd) get ready for a lesson in how to shine a little light on things in a very cool manner.

The album kicks off in fine shape with “All Aboard”, a Puryear-penned observation of life and how to live it right, backboned by a churning Mobius strip of fiddle by Nevins. In lesser hands “All Aboard” would come off as preachy; here it’s cool and funky and just enough to make you think while urging you to move something in time to the beat. “All Aboard” indeed – Donna The Buffalo is rolling.

Bassist Kyle Spark and drummer Mark Raudabaugh prove themselves to be a great rhythm team as Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday swings from quasi-surf (“I See How You Are”) to the zydeco/ska hybrid groove of “Love Time” to the windows-down left-arm summer tan of “I Love My Tribe”. The various flavorings are often subtle (again, you never – ever – forget that this is a Donna record) but Raudabaugh and Spark know their stuff when it comes to a fleck of this or a dash of that making the difference.

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