Nick And The Ovorols – Telegraph Taboo



Nick And The Ovorols waste no time in getting down to the nitty, gritty, greasy bizness on their debut studio album Telegraph Taboo. After a second or two of frontman Nick Peraino’s guitar clearing its throat, “Take The V Train” fires up and gets underway, lurching like a half-drunk brontosaurus. When Peraino lets fly with his vocal, it’s easy to imagine a Free-era Paul Rodgers leading Led Zep through a slow and raunchy one-chord blues crawl. Drummer Lance Lewis (the one player on this album who is in the current touring lineup of the Ovorols) chases his own walloping Bonzo beats with a grunting bass line; Peraino fires off layers off snarling, growling, moaning guitar lines from all different directions. Distortion? Man, this is Hell on Earth for those poor little 12AX7 and 6V6 amp tubes. By the time “Take The V Train” bumps and grinds its way to a halt, the air is reeking of brimstone and smoldering diesel.

World, meet Nick And The Ovorols.

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