The Bottle Rockets’ Brian Henneman: Rickenbacker Romance and Amplifier Angst

Maybe you go way back with Brian Henneman: back to Illinois in the Eighties and the yeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaa thrash-twang cowpunk-and-scorched-brimstone of Chicken Truck, perhaps? Or maybe you remember when Brian worked for Uncle Tupelo in the early Nineties: the roadie who would humbly come out for the encore, strap on a guitar and take the top […]

Brian Henneman Of The Bottle Rockets: 20 Weird Dog Years And Still Countin’

Perhaps it hasn’t translated to millions of records sold, but for a solid two decades-plus the Missouri-based Bottle Rockets have been one of those bands that other players admire. Don’t waste a lot of time trying to tag them: alt country; Americana punk; rock ‘n’ twang … the Rockets are all of these things and […]

The Bottle Rockets – The Bottle Rockets & The Brooklyn Side – Deluxe Reissue

Twenty years? Twenty years? Yeah, twenty years. The Bottle Rockets have been doling out the crunchy twang; the twangy crunch; the tug-at-your-heart, kick-you-in-the-ass, and make-you-think sorta lyrics (the kind that undermined their best efforts to make you think they’re just a bunch of simple good ol’ boys) for twenty years now, believe it or not. […]

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