Drive-By Truckers: Live & Alive

Tickled to have my feature on the Drive-By Truckers in the December issue of Relix magazine – talking with Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley about the band’s new live album It’s Great To Alive!

Drive-By Truckers – English Oceans Deluxe/Black Ice Verite DVD

The hardest part of writing this review is knowing what category to put it in, as there’s a lot – a hell of a lot – going on here. First, you have the complete English Oceans album that was released earlier this year and reviewed right here. If you already own English Oceans, that’s okay: […]

Drive-By Truckers – Alabama Ass Whuppin’

From Issue #79 of Hittin’ The Note magazine: my review of the Drive-By Truckers’ live archival album Alabama Ass Whuppin’. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Patterson Hood: Alabama Ass Whuppin’, Drive-By Truckers’ Upcoming Studio Album, And Thank God For Triple-A

The latest album from the Drive-by Truckers is actually a blast from the past – a full-bore, string-thrashing, drum-pounding, floor-thumping, wall-shaking blast from the past, known as Alabama Ass Whuppin’. Originally released by the band in 2000, AAW is a time capsule chock full of CBGB-meets-Vee-Eff-Dubya-hall chickaboom punkness that captures the Truckers’ live lineup of […]

Paul McHugh: Teching for the Truckers and Picking for Pilgrim

I’ve always wondered when watching the techs and roadies do their thing prior to a concert how many of those folks are wishing/thinking/hoping that their turn in the spotlight is coming. In particular, it’s interesting to watch the various approaches guitar techs take in their on-stage gear checks: some are seen but never heard, listening […]

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