The Contribution – Which Way World

It’s not what you think.

SCI Fidelity

One look at the line-up of The Contribution – String Cheesers Jason Hann (drums) and Keith Mosely (bass); Jeff Miller (guitar/vocals) and Phil Ferlino (keys/vocals) of New Monsoon; Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth (guitar, vocals, and, of course, violin) – and one might be tempted to say, “Ah … another jamgrass album.” But, ohhhhhh no – there’s all kinds of stuff going on here – and it’s good stuff.

Which Way World finds the members of The Contribution giving life to the muses that roam outside the confines of their regular day jobs. Sure, there are moments of jammish, grassy splendor to be found amongst the album’s 10 cuts, but there are also musical flavors and sound salads that you ain’t gonna find in anyone else’s kitchen, boys and girls. Take Hann and Mosely, for instance: although they have played together in SCI for a few years now, this setting finds Hann as the sole drummer (as opposed to sharing percussion duties with Michael Travis) and the result is a rhythm section full of fresh ideas, yet familiar with itself at the same time. Same with Carbone – Which Way World offers up plenty of his zenfiddle work, but be prepared for out-front Carbone vocals (ranging from country-sweet to rockin’ raunchy), the likes of which Railroad Earth fans have never heard. (Note: search out some old Kings In Disguise for some more TC vox.)

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