The Story of “Cole’s Law”, Steve Kimock, Tigger & Me

Tigger & Me

Tigger & Me

“She came for dinner, but we never got to that …”

Pretty cool to be able to tell the whole world (well, the folks listening to Maine Public Radio, anyway) about how much you love your wife/best friend – and share a great piece of music, as well.

I was invited to take part in MPBN’s “Music That Moves ME” celebration recently (special thanks to Suzanne Nance and Jennifer Neilsen – you rascal, you, Jen) and although there are probably a few thousand songs that move me in this old world (at least), the one I really wanted to talk about was “Cole’s Law”, written by the great guitarist Steve Kimock. In particular, the version that Steve and his longtime band Zero perform on the 1998 live album Nothin’ Lasts Forever plays a very special role in the soundtrack to the story of Tigger and me.

Nothin' Lasts Forever

Nothin’ Lasts Forever

From the MPBN website:

April 30, 2013

“Brian Robbins is a freelance writer, lobsterman, cartoonist and musician that loves music and you can tell… just listen to his audio diary! He also deeply loves his wife Felicity Myers and you can tell… just listen to his audio diary!”

If your browser does not support the audio player, then click THIS LINK to listen.

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